An ideal Christmas present?

Apple tree trained against an old brick wall to form two concentric circles of leaves and later fruit.

Apple tree as art – not one of mine, but I’d be delighted to train you a special tree.

A single tree can be a focal point and a thing of beauty whether trained as a fan against a wall or standing out in an open space. A fruit tree can be all this and a source of delicious fruit year after year as well.
We can provide, plant and train a tree for you.  All you need do is keep it watered for the first few months – though irrigation may also be possible.

The cost of the tree will vary, and the more work that has been done on it already the more expensive it will be.  If you are happy to start with one year old ‘maiden’ trees and see them trained the costs can be kept to a minimum.

In all if you are local to the Bristol area it should be between £45 and £65 for a standard tree planted and staked or £80 -£100 for a trained tree such as a step over or fan


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