Self watering raised beds

This design of bed is self contained and can be placed directly onto paving or any other surface.  It can be build to any width and length, but has to be around 60cm (2ft) high for functional reasons.

There is an internal reservoir to hold water and an outlet in case this becomes over filled in wet weather, but an occasional check and top up in dry spells is all that is needed to keep even thirsty crops going for days. No mad dash with a watering can before the school run!! No lost crops if you go on holiday in a drought!!

The raised bed is shwon with the main features of inlet and outlet for water and a number of crops, sweetcorn, tomatoes and a pumpkin  growing.

Artists impression of a self watering bed. The plants shown are all thirsty crops and would thrive in one of these beds where the roots can access water as they need it.

An indicative cost a single self watering bed 1m by 2m would be £185, which includes construction on a clear site. Additional beds are cheaper – there are always economies of scale.

The beds can be built to fit your garden in a convenient pattern and size and  prices will depend on the materials needed.  We aim to keep costs to a minimum and pass on any savings we can make to our clients.










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