Pot irrigation in a polytunnel

Drippers being set up to water lots of pots in a poly-tunnel. There are more discreet versions for patio pots.

Keeping the garden lush and productive takes water, and with our strange changing climate and our busy lives this isn’t always something that happens naturally or easily.

To ensure your garden and in particular any crops flourish we can provide you with an irrigation system.

Drip feeders regularly supply small top-ups of water to individual plants or pots, very useful undercover in greenhouses, conservatories and polytunnels, but also where a lot of pots make watering a daily chore.

This might be a drip system run from an outside tap with a timer, a  system linking to rain water stores and a solar driven pump or integrated into the structure of the garden with gulleys and ponds to take rain fall to where it is needed.


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