Herb beds and spirals

Box edged formal garden at the American Museum at Bath. the hedges enclose herbs for the kitchen and other uses, creating a eyecatching and useful garden space that could be adapted to even a small town garden.

Box edged formal herb garden at the American Museum at Bath.

Even the smallest home and garden that holds a cook needs some herbs!

These can be some of the easiest and most rewarding plants to grow and a good first step into growing to eat. Many of our favourites – rosemary, thyme, oregano and bay are originally from the Mediterranean and thrive in well drained pots in any small sunny spot – be it a windowsill or top of a wall.
Others such as sage a parsley prefer a richer soil and a bit more water,  while mint is happy with damp soil and thrives most places. It is one of those plants that can take over and so it is often advised to plant mint in a pot sunk into the herb bed to keep it in bounds – or take the view of my friend Val ‘mint exists to make weeding smell nice’.
Because herbs like a variety of conditions it has become fashionable to make herb spirals – gentle mounds which allow you to create little areas with different growing conditions in one bed.

A raised bed is also a good way of creating an attractive herb bed, and you can fill it with soil to suit the plants.

If you’d like us to create a herb bed for you, a  90cm by 120cm (3’x6′) with wooden edging and ten favourite herbs would be £150 (if going onto a cleared site).

There are a perennial herbs such as – chives, sage, mints, thymes, oregano, fennel and rosemary, which we can plant for you at any time. Other favourites are annuals. if it’s the wrong season we can leave space for these – basil, dill, coriander etc and give you a reminder when it’s time to plant them.

There are also all sorts of less common but fascinating possibilities which we are happy to incorporate – and a whole garden could be filled with these useful and fascinating plants.







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