Garden Art

Diane Holness studied sculpture before landscape and gardening and has a number of publicly sited sculptures in England and Wales.  This artistic background infuses the nature of her designs,  giving and extra twist to style to both productive fruit and vegetable gardens and to purely decorative spaces.

If you would like a special piece of art work for your garden we can either produce it ourselves or commission it for you from one of the many artist’s we have connections with.

This is a water colour sketch for a floating sculpture. Each piece is made uo of a floating piece of wood with upright waving fins rising into the air and  reflectiong in the water.   These would move gently round the pond - part abstract wavy forms, part representaion of a stylized leaves.

This is a sketch for a possible pond sculpture which relies on the reflection in the water to turn a half leaf carved in wood into a whole one. A weight underneath keeps the piece upright in the water.

Original art is of course a luxury product and does not come cheap, but commissioning it as part of the overall design is the most cost effective way of getting something extra special, unique and personal.

Diane’s sculptures are carved and constructed  in wood, stone and sculpted in ceramics or with the earth itself as land-form art.

If an original piece of art is beyond your budget we can help you find a feature ‘objet trouve’  – a fabulous piece of drift wood, an iconic piece of Victoriana or a reclamation yard glory…


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