Cordons of trees

photo 4

Cordon fruit trees in a Bedminster yard

These are trained trees planted at an angle of 45 degrees to make them most productive.  This is the best way to get the most tree fruit and the most variety in a small space as each tree is pruned into a narrow column they can be planted just 60cm (2ft) apart.

A close up of an apple cordon, variety 'Meridian'. Bright red fruit among glossy leaves set off by nastursiums in the background.

‘Meridian’ apple cordon. It’s second year with it’s first crop. Not bad for a terrible year for apples!

The framework for the trees can be free standing or attached to a wall (see the banner photo on the home page).

The best trees are eating and cooking apples and pears, these produce fruit on old wood.  Most plums and cherries make fruit on new growth which is trimmed out in the pruning regime – however there are now some trees which have been bred to keep a narrow shape without special pruning.  These ‘Ballerina’ trees are not cheap, but if you want a full selection of fruit in you row of cordons they are an additional option.

All trees need certain conditions to thrive, but we can advise what is best for your garden.


The price would go up if you want ballerina trees or rarer varieties that need multiple suppliers to provide the trees. If you want to get off to a head start with pre trained trees this is also possible, but the trees cost more each.
It is best to stop the trees fruiting  in the first season to help the them establish good roots, but you can expect worthwhile crops from the second year. (If you can’t bear to take off all the fruitlets, just leave one or two so you can have a taste).

The trees need to be pruned to keep a narrow shape, we can train you to train them, or provide a follow up care programme till you feel confident enough to take it on yourself.  (In the Bristol area this charged at usual garden maintenance rate of £30 for 2 hours).


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