May – Being a bee

Cherry blossom on two trees, one in the forground framing the view and another in a pot on the other side of the garden.

Although it’s only a small terrace garden I have two cherry trees in pots.

Being a bee

The cherries and apples are in blossom, but there are very few bees out and about to pollinate them.

So to be sure of getting some fruit this year I took my paint brush in hand, went out into the garden and did my best imitation of a bee moving pollen around from flower to flower.

Just gently wiggle a soft brush into the flowers and then on to the next – transferring pollen as a bee would.

Close up of a soft Japanese paint brush in among the blossom and leaves, pollinating the flowers to ensure a crop of cherries this year.

Using a Japanese paint brush to pollinate cherry blossom seems most appropriate – and of course I was wearing a kimono!


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