Garden Consultations

The cheapest way to get some design input and inspiration for your garden.

Starting from £60, when I don’t have to travel far in South Bristol, the service is an hour of my time in your garden talking through ideas, sketching options up on the spot and then following up with a follow-up email as a reminder of what we talked about and to list plants or suppliers I recommended.

Concept designs

The next stage:  If you’d like the ideas drawn up to indicate what goes where, materials, types of planting etc. Not detailed, but reflecting how you want to use your garden and what shapes, structures and style would make the space unique,

£150 for a small city garden, either as a stand alone service to give you ideas or as the first step in a full design. This is tailored to your needs and size of your garden.

Prices are based on a rate of £30 per hour, but a fixed quote will be given for surveys, sketch plans, planting plans, structural detailing and other phases of design. This is only changeable if you, the client, have a major change of mind after the sketch design is approved ( e.g. if you decide you’d like something angular and formal rather than curvy) so that there is significant extra work.

For more detail see the page on Design and consultations

It may not be the prime season for gardens but there is always something beautiful to be seen - such as this globe artichoke with a thick layer of white hore frost.

There is never an ‘off season’ in a good garden, this beauty is a globe artichoke, at home in the flower border or the veg patch.


I aim to make good gardens affordable – especially productive wildlife friendly ones.

To this end I intend to make sure all costs are clearly spelt out in advance and options given to allow the best choices within the constraints of budgets and space.

Bear in mind that in aiming to be sustainable some costs can be cut by recycling and reusing materials, while others will be higher if you choose to

stick to the local, fair-traded and organic.

Hard landscaping such as paving, stone walls and paths are the most expensive, planting, gravel and wooden beds are cheaper.

Paying a little more for the structure – irrigation, well made plant-supports, bespoke seating etc will reap dividends for years.

If you have decided to include fruit, herbs and vegetables the garden will repay you literally in delicious healthy and cheap food.

Garden maintenance and ‘Dressing’ the garden for a house sale

My standard rate is £120 for an 8 hour day.

In order to make the sums add up I have to charge more proportionately for shorter jobs, especially if they are ‘one offs’. E.g  £17.50 per hour for regular 2 or 3 hour maintenance slots, for one off jobs I do a minimum of four hours for £65.

This reflects the travelling and tool cleaning between short jobs, and the difficulty of scheduling a full day round several small jobs – I am open to suggestions if you want to split a day of my time between yourself and some neighbours so there is less time lost between gardens.

If I am driving round to source materials and plants I charge for transport at 46p a mile, (the standard rate approved by the HMRC.)


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