My Garden the concept

This is my design for own garden which is now largely complete.  There are a few loose ends such as  making some tiles to go round the pond and hide the liner and repairing the green roof which a fox dug over looking for worms,  but something completely finished is dead, and a garden is always going to be changing and evolving.

A computer rendered three dimensional visulization of  a small back garden with raised beds sweeping round two sides in a curve, a water tank and pond and a bike box.

This is for my small, SW facing back garden,  South Bristol. The hill means I have a 4m back wall to grow on and a kiwi will soon be joined by two deep red climbing roses, Guinee and Etoile de Holland.

The house is an end of terrace and has an alley surrounding it so there is the possibility of increasing light levels with translucent walling panels and not compromising privacy too much.

The water tank is fed from the roof and connects with the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom to flush the loo.

The aim is to create a potager and have fruit and herbs close to hand for browsing and cooking.

The cold frame is raised on top of table will catch the light and make the most of a small space, it will fold up and get put away after the first rush to grow seedlings, and then the table can be used for holding that important cup of tea or glass of summat.

View of raised beds and a raised pond in a small urban garden - red brick, warm cream gravel and as many plants as possible.

View showing raised beds surround the water tank, I decided in the end to keep an area clear by the tank to make access to weed easier, and the pond became a simple square.


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