Redland Family Garden – (chickens are family too)

I had previously re-laid a lawn for Janie and Simon, and was called back when their chicken wrecked it again – a re-think on how to combine ‘the dinosaurs’ with an attractive space led to a general re-design and re-working of the whole garden.

Owner standing disconsionately on a bare lawn, behind a tatty patio

Not a lot of lawn left thanks to scratching chickens

The clients have an allotment but liked the idea of having a few edibles to hand and also as many nectar rich/ insect friendly plants as possible.

A play den, unused now the girls were older, was converted into a bower, the existing pond, a real asset to wildlife, was reworked with a raised pond splashing water between levels and the chickens were given a contained run with scope for foraging.

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