Herbs and fruit front garden

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The house is south-facing so the front garden is the one that gets the sun. As it is a rental property and the funds are limited there is an emphasis on working alongside my client and using recycled materials wherever possible. This is in complete accord with how I like to work as natural materials and soft-landscaping are gentler on the planet and the eye.


A frame for summer raspberries raises the barrier between gardens without being to harsh, but gives a little privacy from traffic as you work in the garden or harvest the crops.  The herbs in the circle are complemented by others in the border, fennel and mint in a sunken pot to curtail its spread. There are perennial flowers for insect and human enjoyment and a pear tree in the corner by the road and a fig tree near the house wall.  The trellis round the bins gives some additional height to maximise the sense of space, and screens the bins both visually and by carrying a sweet smelling honeysuckle to mask any odour.

A gutter on the bike store collects water into a reservoir which outlets onto a hose punctured next to the plants to make precision watering as easy as turning on a tap.


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