Holiday proofing your garden

Group pots to slow drying and make watering easier

Group pots to slow drying and make watering easier

As many of us are heading off on holiday soon there are a number of things we can do to ensure our gardens don’t suffer too much.

Pots are vulnerable to drying out and even if it rains. To minimise water loss gather them together into a sheltered, shady spot, this means the air around them will be static and more humid so the plants transpire less. You can also cover them with a layer of fleece to keep moisture in. It is also easier to water everything in one place if you have a friend coming in to help.

Hand picking a tiny cucumber

Pick flower buds, and any pea, bean or curcubits before you go












In two weeks a bud can bloom and start to go to seed, So I pick all the flowers and buds – (a posy the friend who is on watering duty?). With vegetables, the curcubits and legumes will stop producing if they aren’t picked regularly, so pick even the tiniest beans, peas, cucumbers and courgettes – the same also applies to sweet peas.Sweetcorn with a straw mulch

Don’t be tempted to give the lawn a No1 crew cut, you may come back to scorched earth, just a little shorter than usual.

In beds and greenhouses water thoroughly and then mulch. A mulch is a layer of material placed on the soils surface to protect it from drying out and supress weeds e.g.chipped bark or mushroom compost,

There are also timed irrigation systems – including solar powered ones, and they could prove a good investment if you have a lot of pots or a greenhouse full of long nurtured plants.