GOING UP – Ladder planter

I like to experiment and I am always looking for ways to re-use things that I find. So when I saw a wooden ladder in a skip I nabbed it – and now I have a high rise herb garden. I screwed a bit of decking on each rung to make a shelf, added some terracotta troughs, planted sage, oregano and chives, and sowed basil and coriander seeds.

But why go up? Well it saves space, but also gives other advantages: anything raised up will be out of the shade sooner, warm air rises and frost sinks and there is also then there’s the issue with cats – even if you love them, you don’t want them peeing on your herbs or salad.

Wooden ladder with terracotta pots growing herbs and salad on each rung

Not only making the most use of space but raising crops out of the shade

There are many ideas going round on similar lines, to the extent that the term ‘Vertical gardening’ has been coined to describe the ingenious, space saving ways people are using to maximise their space on every inch of roofs, bin stores, balcony rails or up trellises.


Green ladder spilling over with trailing and climbing plants in full flower

This is a friend’s, well ahead of the trend it has been going for 16 years