Gardening maintenance and ‘dressing’


Gardening work is charged at   £120 for a full eight hour day.  This includes planting, weeding,  hedge trimming, pruning, mowing and general tidying up, plus garden DIY such as patching a shed, making raised beds or painting fences.
I ask for a minimum of four hours for a one hour job, which would be £65. For regular maintenance jobs of 2 hours I charge £17.50ph.

An exception is for seasonal offer – SEASONAL OFFER – AUTUMN LEAVES CLEAN UP

When all the autumn leaves are down I can do a special for leaf removal only – for £17.50 for a single hour in BS3 area. I can either dispose of the leaves for you or help set you up to make leaf mould for your garden. 

A seasonal task is sweeping up autumn leaves - beautiful up close but they can damage your lawn and make paths slippery.

Autumn leaves need sweeping from lawns and paths, but don’t throw them away, make leaf-mould.

Leaf mould is a real asset to a garden and very simple to make.  So if you have room we can  help you turn a nuisance into something very useful.  It’s great as a mulch to help hold water in the soil in dry periods and to suppress weeds, and particularly good under fruiting bushes and trees where you want to keep down competing plants and improve crops.  It also adds humus, (organic matter) to the soil which is good for its structure and improves both drainage and water retention.  Over a period of years it makes a real difference to the heavy clay much of Bristol sits on.

Leaves don’t break down as fast as other garden compost so it is best to let them rot down on their own – you will generally have leaf crumbs after one year and something finer after two.

To make leaf mould you can simply put them in black bags or rubble sacks in a corner where you can’t see them, make a few holes to allow air in, and add a bit of water to moisten them.  A slightly more expensive method is to make a basic cage out of chicken wire and some posts or canes. This allows for more air and moisture so decomposition will be a bit faster – and it looks better than black bags.

If you’d like to make your own garden soil improver and mulch the costs for materials are either the cost of a few bin bgs or £10 for materials for a wire cage.


It’s a common practice to de-clutter and spruce up your home before you let potential buyers see it, why not do the same for your garden. You might not want to pay for a gardener usually, but this could pay you back many times over by adding to the ‘Street appeal’ of your property and making it all the more desirable.

I think of  this tidy up and instant fix process as ‘dressing’ a garden, as you might put in a few colourful accessories to set off your interior so we can provide some instant colour and the equivalent of a spring clean to maximise your garden’s appeal to buyers.

For a fuller description and price outlines see the ‘Dressing’ page


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