It’s a common practice to de-clutter and spruce up your home before you let potential buyers see it, why not do the same for your garden.  Or even better let me do it – you probably have enough to do.

I think of it as ‘dressing’ a garden, as you might put in a few colourful accessories to set off your interior so I can provide some instant colour and the equivalent of a spring clean to maximise your garden’s appeal to buyers.

Prices are based on an hourly rate plus any costs, but to give you a general idea, I can do less of course;

Bright red pansy surrounded by the arching black leaves of ophiopogon and variegated ivy. Adding a bit of pazzaz and value to your house

Adding window boxes and pots can add to the ‘street appeal’ of your property, it can make the difference between whether someone makes an enquiry or not.

Example of a small terrace back garden

Small terraced house garden/ yard

Removal of moss/algae from paving or decking using organic means.

Repainting fences with wood preserver.

Weeding and tidying existing plants.

Planting up pots with seasonal colour or adding a seasonal planting  to borders.

2 day’s labour at £240 plus costs:

Wood preserver £25 aprox

Pots and plants: a budget can be agreed.

The pots are yours to take to your new home.



Corner of the garden with algea on the fence, ivy in the wall and an ugly tree stump.

The remains of a palm was too big to remove in the time available, and too ugly to be ignored.

The ugly stump is disguised by a low raised bed filled with new plants and topped with slate. A pot of flowers on the stump is a final touch.

A small raised bed with new planting and slate chippings soften the appearance of the ugly stump.


Medium sized suburban garden

What is needed is going to be very variable, below are listed the likely jobs to be done.   The aim would be to get maximum impact for minimum cost.

Sharpening up lawn edges, mowing and mending small patches, removing perennial weeds by organic means.

Removing the weeds and moss from the paving as part of a garden 'dressing'.

‘Dressing’ a garden before a house sale could include getting rid of all the weeds and moss in paving.

Removal of moss/algae from paving or decking using organic means.

Repainting fences with wood preserver.

Weeding and tidying existing plants.

Pruning shrubs or trees if the season permits.

Adding seasonal planting  or an ‘eye-catcher’ plant or two.

Planting up pots or troughs with seasonal colour.

3 days labour £360 plus costs ( see above)

Bigger suburban gardens

I hesitate to give any precise outline – a day might be enough to make all the  difference, somewhere else might need a week for a mini makeover.  I’ll be happy to come and talk it over with you and give you a quote.


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