Repurpose that plastic

It remains hard to shop without acquiring plastic trays, pots and bags that are designed for a single use, but you can reuse many items in your garden to avoid buying new, specially made plastic from China.

Yogurt pots, veg and microwave trays can all be used to grow seedlings, drainage holes are easily made with a hot metal skewer, and if you nest pots together you can pierce them in batches.

Cane toppers are essential so you don’t bend over and spear your eyes, instead of buying these you can use old balls, little pots, plastic balls from deodorant rollers… there is a huge range of plastic junk that can have a hole drilled in it.

Magazines come in thin plastic bags which are great for incubating cuttings, just dome one over a pot using a rubber band to secure it, to keep the moisture in.

Plant labels can be cut from yogurt pots, disposable knives can have a second life, or if you need big markers sections of old venetian blinds are great.

I have also found many uses for cut down milk bottles to as their handles can hold canes or hang the container to make more room, I like making things and a mini hanging herb garden is my latest toy.

If you have surplus of plant pots from buying plants Children’s Scrapstore will take them for use in schools.