Golden Hill Community Allotment

I’ve been volunteering as a support worker there since it opened and have enjoyed gardening with other people and seeing how the site has developed over the year – you would not believe the difference!

The Community Garden exists to make it possible for anyone to do some gardening. The scheme has been open to the public since February 2012 and has access for wheel-chair users and the less able, including raised beds, a compost loo and polytunnels.  Golden Hill Community Allotment Bristol. Logo in green letters with a green shoot coming up from a seed that is a swirling finger printOpen to groups and individuals, the regular sessions are on Wednesdays 10-4pm in spring, summer and autumn with additional slots and events as the seasons go round. Winter hours from the start of December are 11am-3pm.

Monks road, Horfied. Just behind the prison.


Bristol LETS

That is Bristol Local Exchange Trading System

I am also a member of  Bristol LETS  which relies on a token currency, ‘iDeals’,  to allow people to exchange skills and time and goods without using sterling (except for costs). I offer some limited gardening and design services through the scheme.


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