Diane’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Bowl shaped birds' nest that fits in the palm of my hand - beautifully sculpted from modern fibres and pale green moss.

What the bird about town is building – mattress stuffing for insulation with retro moss trimmings…

 A rectangular plate with what look like hand sawn key holes for two keys - reuse or juat a very worried householder?

Garden archaeology – An old brass door plate with it seems two keyholes found when planting in the middle of town.

wasp nest

The earliest stages of a wasps nest – whichever wasp started it didn’t make it back …

Almost unblievable gothic lily with a black anther and deep maroon calex

Halloween’s a comin’ – Voodoo Lily anyone?

Garden Archeology Mogg street

Small garden in Bristol being prepared for a lawn in spring renders up:
two pipe bowls, a big brass screw, a sheep’s tooth, a plastic hairbrush and an action man’s head in some kind of mask!!! #gardenarchaeology

Sealed individual portion of pink cake amongst the compost still glowing neon shades of additives

Found in a compost bin several strata down and months old. No sign of rotting – this is not food!!



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