Practicing what you preach

I’ve been tweaking the design for my own small town garden,  I aim to grow as much fruit and as many herbs as possible as well as some flowers.  If it ever stops raining I will be building the walls and installing the water tank myself – and then when it rains I will at least be able to use it.

The water tank is fed from the roof and will connect with the plumbing in the downstairs bathroom to flush the loo. The overflow will run into the pond and then to irrigate the raised beds.  The aim is to have fruit and herbs close to hand for browsing and cooking.  Most of  my vegetables and more fruit are grown on my allotment about a mile away.

The cold frame is raised on top of a bike box to catch the light and make the most of a small space.  That will keep the supply of seedlings going for my allotment.

View of raised beds and a raised pond in a small urban garden - red brick, warm cream gravel and as many plants as possible.
View showing how the raised beds surround the water tank, the overflow will feed the pond and then irrigate the raised beds where fruit, herbs and flowers will grow.

One of the beds is being built around a cherry tree which has rooted down through the bottom of its pot and will never be moved now.


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